About Us

Park Properties is one of the fastest-growing real estate and land companies in Sri Lanka specialising in a wide range of services include land sales, land and property development, real estate consultancy and so much more.

Park Properties was established in 2009 to cater to the ever-growing need for a high quality and above all, reliable land and property company in Sri Lanka. With a few managerial changes happening in 2015, the Company has grown in leaps and bounds and has certainly etched its name in the real estate and property development sector today. Our main objective is to ensure that every Sri Lankan citizen owns a piece of land with a clear title deed on which to build their dream home.

The Park Properties team is headed by some of the most respected individuals in Sri Lanka’s land and property industry with many decades of experience. Our team members are courteous and friendly and always ready to advise and guide you through the often tiring and cumbersome process of purchasing a land, a process that we have simplified to make your dreams come true faster!

Park Properties Vision

Our Vision is to be the leaders in the Sri Lankan Real Estate sector going beyond mere financial or commercial gain ensuring that every Sri Lankan citizen’s dream of owning a beautiful, secure and affordable home with all facilities a reality.

Park Properties Mission

Our Mission is to be a trailblazer in the Real Estate industry in Sri Lanka winning the hearts of all our stakeholders and customers, transforming the Land and Real Estate business to an art in itself.